unique search engine allows model bookers to easily find and “book the look” without multiple contact points at different agencies.

For Advertisers

Easily find your models

You can use a simple search by using a keyword such as location or some specific criteria...

Model viewer

Learn more about a model without losing focus

...or search models by using different attributes (moodboards and archetypes)...

Full screen model viewer

Quickly get the clear, full picture

---or do a more specified search.

Mood boards / Archetypes

Find what you are looking for quickly

As a signed in user you can make booking requests to models and create different lightboxes for selecting models for e.g. different campaigns.


Collect interesting models for quick access

Our lightbox functionality allows advertisers to quickly access previously saved models. Using the share lightbox functionality advertisers can painlessly share saved models to other stake holders inside their team.

Agency dashboard

Easily manage your portfolio

When you have done a booking request for one of the models, the model’s mother agency will receive an email and see it in their inbox. After accepting the request, you will start the discussion by using our emailing functionality.

Signing up to is free of charge and for now there will be no fee taken from model bookings.

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